Get Started

Get on track to go debt free with five simple steps.


Download and sign up

It’s free and easy to use the Nimbl app on any smartphone. Just provide your name, email and password and you’re all set.


Connect your accounts

Securely sync up your accounts across multiple financial institutions. Nimbl securely connects to nearly 15,000 financial institutions so you can see your student loans, car payments, credit cards and more.


Review your current financial situation

See everything in one place. Nimbl walks you through your accounts and financial goals to help you select a path that makes sense for you.


Select your plan to get out of debt

Just answer a few questions to get a personalized plan that helps you to pay off your debt at a pace that fits your life. Or, customize one on your own — the choice is yours.


Track your progress

Nimbl helps you stay the course with tips, encouragement and alerts. If you do get off track, just adjust your plan and keep moving forward — and celebrating your success along the way.

Getting out of debt is finally within reach. You can do it — and Nimbl can help. Download, for free, on the iOS and Android app stores.