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What is Nimbl by Nationwide?

Nimbl helps you develop a personalized plan to get out (and stay out) of debt at a pace that fits your life. Forget the complicated spreadsheets that take forever and the judge-y messages that make progress seem hopeless. Nimbl is different.

Getting out of debt is within reach.

  • Nimbl looks at how you spend to recommend a realistic debt plan based on your lifestyle.
  • If you make a financial misstep, don’t worry — Nimbl adjusts to your life and gently guides you back on track.
  • You can do it — and Nimbl can help.

Nimbl mobile app

How Nimbl works:

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1. Download the app & sign up

Nimbl is completely free and available to use on any smartphone.

Nimbl mobile app financial connection

2. Connect your accounts

Nimbl securely connects to 14,000+ financial institutions so you can see your student loans, car payments, credit cards and more all in one place.

Nimbl mobile app plan recommendation

3. Select your debt plan

Nimbl walks through your current situation and financial goals to help you select a path that makes sense for you.

Nimbl mobile app progress screen

4. Track your progress

Nimbl nudges you in the right direction so you can balance every new goal with smart spending.

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